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Our Services: Service

General Contracting

We can provide our clients with our team of professionals to complete a project from the Architectural Planning & Design Phase onto the Budget phase and Final Building Phase.


We work closely with our clients at every level of a project both small and large. 


Our commitment is to build a long lasting relationship with our clients by providing a first rate quality service.

Masonry Division

Our team has over 3 Generations of Experience in providing our clients with masonry services. From step repairs and brick pointing, to foundations and retaining walls, Greenfield Contractors is more than capable to provide these services to you. 


Steps - Brick Fronts - Basements - Stonework Retaining Walls - Brick pointing - Decorative Block - Plaster - Foundations


Loading Docks - Concrete Driveways - Slate & Stone Walks - Concrete Curbs - Belgium Block Curb - Chimney's


Concrete Floors - Patios - Sidewalks - Wall Openings and Closings - Demolition - Excavation

Interior Renovations

Whether our clients' are renovating their kitchen, bathroom, or entire home, Greenfield Contractors ensures the entire project goes from planning to completion on time and under budget.

Our team is dedicated in providing that quality of service you come to expect. 

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